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All Star Weekend 2017 Recap

All Star New Orleans 2017 was awesome.

I had the opportunity to speak with my favorite player of ALL TIME. Thankfully, I greeted he and his family at the Basketball Hall of Fame this summer, so there wasn't as much of an attempt for my 13 year old 'stan' to come out. This time, we casually talked about what his role would be with the Big 3 and he told he could tell I was from New York by my accent. (can't help it :)

My recap could easily end here, nonetheless, after attending 6 previous All-Star Weekends, I just can't. The weekend is always a highlight in my year. The one that I skipped in the past 6 was New Orleans in 2014, so I am glad that it returned this year.

I had the opportunity to interview a lot of my favorites such as Chris Webber, Kemba Walker and Kyle Lowry but more importantly, was able to spend time with my amazing friend China and my mentees and friends Katrina, Jazmine and Dominique. We all went to Toronto (and froze) for All-Star last year and were determined to make this year even better.

Here is my new reel, which includes a few of my interviews. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for more!

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